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The information contained in this site is intended for U.S. health care professionals only.

About Us - TargetBSI

About Us

The primary purposes of the web site:

  • Support hospital/medical center clinicians in U.S. facilities to gain a greater understanding of patient safety issues related to the prevention and detection of catheter associated blood stream infections (CABSIs) in hospitals as well as resources to help improve their professional/clinical and organization's performance in this area.
  • Serve as practical, "hands on" resource relevant to daily clinical practice to support BSI problem solving and a greater understanding of the challenges in achieving positive outcomes in patient safety and prevention through new technologies.
  • Provide interactive opportunities with clinical thought leaders who have a unique expertise and knowledge in the prevention and management of CABSIs.
  • Expand access to the body of clinical evidence-based resources in the prevention and management of catheter associated blood stream infections.

TargetBSI: Supported by the Expertise of an Industry Leader

At Baxter Medication Delivery IV Access, our focus is on customized solutions. We offer an experience that begins with a partnership from the moment we begin working with you. Our goal is to help you find a solution that works for you. Our process begins with listening to your challenges and goals.

We will evaluate your needs and existing processes and develop a custom solution that will optimize your IV Therapy operations with the right mix of products, process improvements, and educational support to meet short-and long-term objectives. Whether it's understanding safety and compliance issues, fulfilling staff education requirements or updating your product knowledge, Baxter Healthcare Corporation has been dedicated to providing you with the help you need for over 75 years.


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